What Types of Student Services are Available at a Science School in Contra Costa County?

Student programs in Contra Costa County Office of Education (CCCOE) schools, as well as those across the county, provide a range of direct instruction and support services for students. These services include mentoring, seminars, academic trips, scholarships, summer research internships, and other related activities. Funds are allocated to cover student assistants, scholarships, summer research internship stipends, supplies and materials, and activities related to the academic field. The National Science Foundation's STEM (NSF S-STEM) Scholarships program is designed to help low-income, academically talented and financially disadvantaged students in biological sciences, computer science, engineering, mathematics and physical sciences.

This project aims to graduate or transfer at least 80% of fellows to four-year institutions within three years. It provides a variety of services such as tutoring for teachers, academic support services, cohort creation, and professional development activities. This support is expected to reduce the time needed to obtain a degree within two or three years and increase the persistence, graduation and transfer rates of low-income and underrepresented students in STEM disciplines. Contra Costa College offers associate degrees in liberal arts and sciences as well as business and professional technical education programs.

A large percentage of students specialize in engineering (48.3%), while 34.5% specialize in biological sciences, 13.8% in physical sciences and 3.4% in computer science. The college also provides preparatory courses for the lower division engineering specialization, as well as the science and mathematics courses needed for transfer. The Center for Scientific Excellence (CSE) is a president's award-winning program that provides financial and academic support to students specializing in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM). It also offers education or counseling services designed to improve financial and economic knowledge and help students apply for admission to professional and graduate programs; as well as assist students enrolled in two-year institutions with applying for admission and obtaining financial assistance to enroll in four-year programs.

In conclusion, Contra Costa College provides a range of student services that are designed to help students succeed academically. These include mentoring, seminars, academic trips, scholarships, summer research internships, and other related activities funded by the National Science Foundation's STEM Scholarships program.

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