Requirements for International Students Attending a Science School in Contra Costa County

Are you an international student looking to attend a science school in Contra Costa County? If so, you'll need to meet certain requirements in order to be admitted. Applicants who pass a GED equivalent to the United States meet the high school graduation equivalency requirement for admission. Questions about the application process? Email Lindsay at any time to schedule an instruction on Zoom Online. The requirements for completing the course of study depend on the ongoing approval of the Student and Exchange Visitors Program (SEVP) and are subject to change.

We will monitor communication from the United States Government and keep international students informed. Students whose first language is not English must demonstrate their command of the English language by one of the following requirements to be admitted to Contra Costa College: postsecondary institutions that show a graduate-level academic year of English with grades of C or higher; or IGCSE and Level O requirements. Applicants must submit the final results of the IGCSE or level O showing five approved subjects with grades of C or higher. One of the subjects must be English as the mother tongue, English as a second language or English. Scanned copies of the final IGCSE and Level O results are accepted.

Contra Costa College will not admit students based on preliminary results or students who take the IGCSE and O Level exams as independent or private candidates. In addition to meeting these requirements, international students must also submit an Agent Form, Application Fee Form, Application Form, Express Mail Service (eShipGlobal), FERPA Financial Sponsor Form, Request for Family Accommodation Consent Form for Minors, Pre-Departure Manual, Student Personal Information & Emergency Contact Form.

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