Requirements for Veterans Attending Science School in Contra Costa County

Student Veterans of America (SVA) and Cal Vets provide webinars to help veterans in Contra Costa County with their education and employment. The Veterans Services Representatives (VSRs) are county employees who can assist veterans with any claims they may have. Contra Costa College is a public institution, so veterans may be eligible for full tuition coverage through the GI Act, depending on their individual circumstances. High school students, with permission from their principal or designated representative, can take college credit courses at Contra Costa College.

Funding is provided by CAL Vet, the California Department of Veterans Affairs. To attend Contra Costa College, students must be enrolled in high school and can take no more than 11 units. The CollegeRecon school search tool provides the most up-to-date information from resources provided by the federal government or from the schools themselves. Students who want to receive both high school and college credit should check with their high school counselor. Private high school principals can recommend enrollment in college classes, but only if the school has filed an affidavit with the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Contra Costa College has waived the enrollment fee for part-time high school students; however, all other fees must be paid at the time of enrollment. Veterans attending a science school in Contra Costa County should take advantage of the webinars offered by SVA and Cal Vets to learn more about their educational and employment options.

They should also consult with their high school counselor or principal to determine if they are eligible for college credit courses. Additionally, they should use the CollegeRecon school search tool to find out more information about tuition coverage and other requirements.

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