How Many Student-Run Clubs and Organizations are Active in Contra Costa County?

Students attending the School of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota have access to a wide range of student groups. In total, there are more than 1,000 student organizations available to students. One example of a successful student-run organization is the East Bay Regional Center, which is currently headed by a former manager of the Employment and Human Services division of Contra Costa County. This individual has been actively engaged in local community initiatives, such as the Tree Boulevard Committee and the Alamo Zone 36 Beautification Committee.

Additionally, they have held leadership positions in the PTA and were part of the school district's School Facilities Committee when their children were in school. The Alamo Municipal Advisory Council is comprised of seven members and one alternate who act as an advisory body to the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors and the county planning agency. This council works with schools in the Twin Cities to provide one-year programming courses and other STEM-related activities to young students who may not otherwise be exposed to these topics. In addition to the East Bay Regional Center, there are many other student-run clubs and organizations active in Contra Costa County. These include clubs focused on robotics, coding, engineering, and other STEM-related topics. There are also clubs dedicated to social justice, environmentalism, and other causes.

These clubs provide students with an opportunity to learn more about their chosen field while also engaging in meaningful conversations with their peers. The number of student-run clubs and organizations active in Contra Costa County is constantly growing. With so many options available, students can find a club or organization that fits their interests and goals. By joining one of these clubs or organizations, students can gain valuable experience while also making a positive impact on their community.

Jocelyn Beutel
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