Scholarships and Financial Aid for Science Students in Contra Costa County

Scholarships are a great way for students to get financial assistance for their studies. The Contra Costa University Foundation, local businesses, and community groups provide generous scholarships to students at the Faculty of Letters and Sciences. This article will provide an overview of the different types of scholarships available to students at this science school in Contra Costa County. The Heinrich's Will Scholarship is a great opportunity for California residents, particularly those from the San Francisco Bay Area (Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Marin County, Napa County, San Francisco County, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Solano County, and Sonoma County).

It is specifically designed for students from the Faculty of Letters and Sciences who specialize in mathematics, applied mathematics or statistics, and who have completed at least one lower level course and are interested in teaching mathematics at the K-12 levels. The Emilyn Vaage Scholarship is open to undergraduate students who qualify for financial aid and have completed their first year at the University of California at Davis. It is restricted to students from the Faculty of Letters and Sciences or the Faculty of Engineering who specialize in economics or history. The Fulmor Scholarship was created through a legacy and is awarded to high-performing students studying specializations at the Faculty of Letters and Sciences.

The Anonymous Donor Scholarship is open to upper-division students who specialize in Political Science who have done all their lower-division work at UCD and who have contributed to the campus through their participation in student government, community service, student activities, athletics, or other activities. The International Relations Education Abroad Program Scholarship is restricted to students specializing in International Relations who participate in the Education Abroad Program. Preference is given to a graduate of a high school or community college in Stockton, CA or Lodi, CA. The Physical Disability Scholarship is restricted to students from the Faculty of Letters & Sciences who specialize in the humanities and who have a physical disability. Finally, the Canadian/Mexican/American Science Student Scholarship was established in 1990 and is restricted to science students from the Faculty of Arts & Sciences who have financial needs and who are citizens of Canada, Mexico or the United States. For more information on how to apply for any of these scholarships, visit the undergraduate scholarships page. As new scholarship opportunities become available, this list will be updated for your convenience.

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